Representing Some of Today's Leading Masters of Portrait Painting

Burton Silverman self-portrait
Self-portrait, oil on canvas

The Artist requires at least three to five hours of posing to produce studies and sketches to establish the concept and composition of the painting. The artist will complete a comprehensive paint sketch as the basis for the finished painting which will be shown to the subject for final approval Subsequent sittings might be required, though these may be waived if travel and/or time constraints prevail. The Artist will use photographs where appropriate, to reduce the number of sittings for the painting.

The Artist shall receive a non refundable 1/3 payment upon signing of this agreement and then a second 1/3 payment of upon an approximate 75% completion of the portrait. The Subject will view the painting at this juncture to allow for any modifications in the image However, any fundamental changes as to the pose or the setting (as decided upon in the final paint sketch) where extensive re-painting would ensue, will require a 35% restructuring of the fee and a new agreement.

Final payment of the outstanding balances will be made upon the approval and delivery of the painting.The Artist shall retain all of the reproduction rights to the art, but shall not reproduce the painting for commercial use (i.e. for selling a product or other forms of commercial exploitation). However it may be used as part of a display of his work for prospective clients. The Subject may reproduce the painting upon securing written permission from the Artist.