Representing Some of Today's Leading Masters of Portrait Painting

Figure Dimensions Fee (oil on linen)
Head and shoulders
16" x 24" $20,000.
Torso with hands
24" x 30" $28,000.
  28" x 36" $37,500.
Full torso
32" x 40" $48,000.
3/4 figure 36" x 50" $65,000.
Life size full figure
42" x 72" and up starting at $80,000.
Multiple persons minimum size 30" x 46" starting at $70,000.

**All prices quoted are starting amounts and can be adjusted up or down for variations in size and complexity of image. For example, adjustments will be made for background items and or environmental elements which are important to the subject's position or home. Stringent or difficult deadlines might also incur supplemental charges. There will be a blanket 5% supplemental fee for any of these special requirements

. The artist guarantees a mutually satisfying resolution of the painting but comprehensive changes in the painting after approval of the detailed sketch and after the painting has been significantly developed or nearly finished will entail additional charges to be discussed with the client
The artist can also execute the portrait in a variety of media, including water color, pastel or two-color charcoal drawings.

Finally, travel amd, per diem expenses are regarded as supplemental expenses and will be billed for separately All framing and delivery charges are also the repsonsibility of the subject or his/her representatives.

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For further details about the portrait you have in mind,
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