Representing Some of Today's Leading Masters of Portrait Painting


A C A D E M I C ,   R E L I G I O U S   &    S C I E N C E
ROBERT MCCORMICK ADAMS, American anthropologist, Time Magazine Profiles
ISIDOR ISAAC RABI, American physicist, New Yorker Profiles
HANS ALBRECHT BETHE, American physicist, New Yorker Profiles
ROBERT BUTLER, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Columbia University, New York, New York
KENNETH BANCROFT CLARK, American educator and psychologist, New Yorker Profiles
ELIZABETH DUFFY, Headmaster, Lawrenceville High School, Lawrenceville, New Jersey
VARTAN GREGORIAN, Armenian-American academic, New Yorker Profiles
PATSY HOWARD, Former Director, Greenwich Academy, Greenwich, Connecticut
NED JANOTTA, President Emeritus, Board of Director, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
ROBERTA KARMEL, Retired President, Practicing Law Institute College, Practicing Law Institute, New York City
HOWARD KRANE, Retired Chairman, Board of Trustees, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
THE HONORABLE REVEREND PAUL MOORE JR., Retired Episcopal Bishop of New York
CARL EDWARD SAGAN, 1934 -1996, American astronomer and popularizer of science, New Yorker Profiles
BARRY SULLIVAN , Retired Trustee, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
LEWIS THOMAS, American physician and biologist, New Yorker Profiles

A R T S   &   E N T E R T A I N M E N T

GEORGE BALANCHINE, American choreographer and ballet dancer, New Yorker Profiles
ROMARE BEARDEN, American painter and collagist, New Yorker Profiles
SIR RUDOLF BING, former General Manager of the Metropolitan Opera, New Yorker Profiles
MARCEL LAJOS BREUER, American architect and furniture designer, New Yorker Profiles
J. CARTER BROWN, Director, National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., New Yorker Profiles
JULIA CHILD, American gourmet cook, author, and television personality, New Yorker Profiles
LORE DEGENSTEIN, Lore Degenstein Gallery, Susquehanna University, Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania
RALPH WALDO ELLISON, African-American author, New Yorker Profiles
BORIS GOLDOFSKY, opera impresario, conductor, pianist, and lecturer, New Yorker Profiles
BENNY GOODMAN, 1909-1986, American clarinetist, composer, and band leader, New Yorker Profiles
VLADIMIR HOROWITZ, classical pianist, New Yorker Profiles
THOMAS HOVING, former Director, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New Yorker Profiles
LINCOLN KIRSTEIN, American dance and theater executive and writer, New Yorker Profiles
LORIN MAAZEL, American conductor, New Yorker Profiles
ROBERT F. McADAMS, Retired Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C., New Yorker Profiles
RUDOLPH NUREYEV, Russian-born dancer, New Yorker Profiles
PATRICK BRUCE OLIPHANT, editorial cartoonist, New Yorker Profiles
OTTO PREMINGER, film director, New Yorker Profiles
LEWIS SHARP, Director, Denver Art Museum, Denver, Colorado
STEPHEN SONDHEIM, American musical theater lyricist and composer, New Yorker Profiles
PAUL STRAND, American photographer, New Yorker Profiles
TERESA STRATAS, soprano, New Yorker Profiles
BARRY TUCKWELL, world's most recorded horn player, soloist, chamber musician and teacher, New Yorker Profiles
L. RICHARD WEST, Director, National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.

JOSEPH ALLBRITTON, former Chairman & CEO, Riggs National Bank
JOSEPH FLOM, Retired Partner, Skadden, Arps, Meagher & Flom
JEROME HYMAN, Retired President, Practising Law Institute, New York, New York
NED JANOTTA, CEO & President, William Blair & Company, Chicago, Illinois
DAVID ROCKEFELLER, American banker, New Yorker Profiles
PAUL ADOLPH VOLCKER, American economist, government official, and banker, New Yorker Profiles

J U D I C I A L,   L E G A L   &   P O L I T I C A L
HAFEZ AL-ASSAD, President of Syria 1971-2000, Time Magazine Profiles
BRUCE BABBITT, 47th U.S. Secretary of the Interior, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C.
LEONID BREZHNEV, 1906-1982, Soviet leader, Time Magazine Profiles
THE HONORABLE JIMMY CARTER, Thirty-ninth President of the United States 1977-1981, Time Magazine Profiles
JOSEPH FLOM, Retired Partner, Skadden, Arps, Meagher & Flom, New York, New York
BARRY GOLDWATER, United States politician, Time Magazine Profiles
CHUN DOO HWAN, Korean military leader, President of South Korea 1980-1988, Time Magazine Profiles
JEROME HYMAN, Former President, Practicing Law Institute, New York, New York
THE HONORABLE ELENA KAGAN, Justice, U.S. Supreme Court, Collection of Harvard Law School, Cambridge, Massachusetts
THE HONORABLE CAROLYN KING, Chief Justice, 5th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals, New Orleans, Louisiana
IRVING KRISTOL, Godfather of Modern Conservatism, American Enterprise Institute, Washington, D.C.
WERNER POLAK, President, Practicing Law Institute, New York, New York
THE HONORABLE RONALD REAGAN, Fortieth President of the United States 1981-1989, Time Magazine Profiles
THE HONORABLE FELIX GEORGE ROHATYN, U.S. Ambassador to France 1977, Time Magazine Profiles
ANWAR SADAT, former President of Egypt, Time Magazine Profiles
FRANKLIN C. SPINNEY, Pentagon Analyst, Time Magazine Profiles
MARGARET THATCHER, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 1979-1990, Time Magazine Profiles
DENG XIAOPING, former leader of the Chinese Communist Party, Time Magazine Profiles

P R I V A T E   C O L L E C T I O N
. . . and many more