Representing Some of Today's Leading Masters of Portrait Painting

Richard Whitney self-portrait
Self-portrait, oil on canvas

Initially, Whitney will speak by telephone or email with the client to determine details of the portrait. This includes desired mood, background, size, schedules and where the portrait will ultimately hang.

Once the preparation is scheduled, Whitney normally travels to the client's location where he does a photography session and color study from life. Using these materials, Whitney works with the client to reach an agreement on pose and composition.

Whitney then completes the portrait in his studio, usually within three to six months. At this stage, a photo is sent to the client for approval and an appointment is set for the final sitting, if needed. Some clients may enjoy traveling to Whitney's studio at Crescent Pond for the final sitting. However, Whitney will also travel to the client if requested. Crescent Pond is a a beautiful 81-acre nature retreat in Stoddard, New Hampshire.

Upon final approval, the painting is shipped to the client.