Representing Some of Today's Leading Masters of Portrait Painting

The portrait process begins with two sittings, ideally on consecutive days, each of approximately ninety minutes duration. These sittings can take place in the artist's New York studio, or at the subject's home, office or other location. In the course of these two sittings, the size and "spirit" of the portrait is decided upon, and the questions of pose, lighting, costume, setting and expression are decided, through discussion and experimentation. Extensive photographic reference material is created to allow the artist to proceed after the sittings conclude.

Back in the studio, the artist prepares a small preliminary visualization of the proposed portrait. The client and the subject are often invited to comment on this preliminary.

At this point, the final size of the painting is determined; the canvas is stretched, using the finest Belgian linen, double-primed with a fine titanium ground. The frame is ordered, allowing the work of hand-carving and gilding to proceed as the work on the painting goes forward.

Now there follows a sustained period of studio work in which the details of the composition are developed, one by one, and in concert. The artist brings the painting as near to completion as possible. A final sitting or sittings is now required.

The final sitting takes place either at the New York studio or at the subject's location. If the latter, the painting is shipped (in its final frame) to the location. As the subject sits, the artist makes the crucial finishing touches. Often, close family members or associates are invited to provide input. The painting is now finished, and ready for display.